Thursday, December 18, 2008

The joke is on us!!!!

So, I've been trying to think of a really cute, clever, and funny way to say this...but I'm too tired :o).

In the words of Avery & Lerran's shirts... "Oops They did it again!".

They are both going to be big sisters, in a big way! I was really excited to tell the blog world that we are going to have a baby in June, however much to our huge surprise, I can now tell the blog world that we are going to have 2 babies in May!! That is right, we are expecting TWINS!! It was quite the shock of a lifetime, 2 weeks ago (at my 14 week appt.) when I proudly announced to the Doctor that we were ready for a third child, and she sheepishly looked at me and asked "How about a 4th". Unbelievable!!! We are excited, knowing that God is sovereign and somewhere in His funny plan, it is ordained that we should have 4 sweet children under 4 years old! In all seriousness, we are excited and humbled and completely dependent on the Lord for the strength to do this! We would covet your prayers as we walk down this very busy and fun road!!

I'm optimistic that now I am feeling better, I will be more faithful about blogging and updating our crazy lives! Thanks for living life with us, we are excited to share this journey!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yea for Fall!

We love fall around here! It has been an exceptional one at that! Lots of mild days that amidst it getting dark right after lunch(at least thats how it feels :o) we have been able to be outside enjoying the weather. I am a little nervous for Winter. Since we moved into this new neighborhood it has been warm out and every evening we are home we are out and socializing (which I love). So...not sure what we will do when it is cold and dark, but I'm sure it will all work out.

So sorry to the blog world that I left a huge gap between this post and the last, I would like to offer several excuses like: painting the basement, moving things to the basement, todd getting anew computer...ect. However I know none are all that good! So I'm back, like it or not!

We had a blast carving and painting punkins (a shout out to Jaimie Farrel from the 'Punkin' capitol of the world!"). As well as watching the leaves change this fall. We have attempted to rake leaves and jump in the piles, but my kiddos are a little skiddish of new activities, so we mainly just thank God for the pretty leaves :o).

Some pics Todd recently took of the girls.

I guess I can take credit for this one :O).

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who said having girls isn't fun??

Amidst a rather tough week with behavior (namely rough behavior from our eldest :o), and lots of drama that comes with having two highly emotional little Eve's it is fun to take time to enjoy the tea! I found the girls in their room this morning both sitting and having a tea party, it was quite cute. Though I am occasionally exhausted by how complicated girls are even at a young age (i know Todd, i do feel sorry for you :O), and am wishing for balls and trucks and the simplicity of boys, my sweet girls sure bring a lot of smiles and joy! This week has been behavior bootcamp after a week long birthday celebration with family and friends and way to many cupcakes. God is faithful and we have seen some progress, it just is hard to be consistent all the time. I'm sure all you parents out there can say amen to that! Just wanted to pass along these little joys in my life today! God bless!

Tea for two!

Strollers and baby dolls all around!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Bum

Litterally! We have had a blast of a week this past week! Thanks to hurricane Ike, we were without power for 5 days, though I can honestly say it was fun! Lots of hanging out with neighbors and being outside and working around the house/yard! We also did a lot of celebrating of Avery's birthday! We had visits from both sets of Nanas and Papas, which was awesome, as well as a super fun birthday party! Our sweet little girl is growing up! I keep hearing the 3s are worse than the 2s, if that is the case, well "Lord, help!" Though I do pray that everyday anyway!! More pics to come of avery's birthday ect.! I couldn't resist this picture of a different side of the birthday girl!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun visits from Jeremy

We have had the pleasure of several visits from Uncle J this summer as he has been in between school, traveling, 1st station, and avoiding hurricanes. It has been a blast. We all pitched in and got him a good digital camera for graduation and well, he put it to good use!

Jeremy downloaded a coloring game on his iphone. needless to say avery loved it.


Jeremy didn't see much of his phone. On the next visit(just this week) avery remembered right away and wanted his phone, and she is always asking to see daddy's iphone to color on it. Todd made the wise choice of not installing that game :o)

some backyard fun!

Jeremy trying to teach avery to play football...she just ran away with it!

Baby Lerran's turn!

Hot air balloons in the sky! We love any and all visitors! So please come from far and wide!! I'll post you on my blog :o)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where O Where did my baby go???

It is so funny how time changes things. When avery was turning one, I was eager for her to walk and grow up and be a big girl. And now with sadness in my tone, I have to announce that my sweet little baby Lerran is growing. Though not walking yet and not talking to much, she is getting big. She is learning to pretend, read books, and sadly yes talk on the phone! Her lack of hair still keeps her looking young, but is on the upward climb. Speaking of climbing, that is her favorite thing to do she'll climb anything, stairs, slides, rock walls, you! She is a delight for now is still my little baby!!

When you sit down to read books with her, she wants no part in it unless she can hold the book and do all the pointing!

Pretty excited about her new skills with the push toys!

Guilty face, I just stole this phone from my sister :O).

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Five sweet years

July 26th, 2003. It was a hot hot day in Lynchburg, VA, and it was the best day of my life!!
Todd and I have such wonderful memories from our wedding and I love thinking about it...I even pulled out the VHS video today and cried like a was beautiful!

I love you, Babe! These have been the best years of my life!

I also reminisced about family and all the wonderful people who were there that witnessed our vows. We am truly blessed to have such a caring and loving family and friends! Both sets of our parents have been so influential in our lives and our wedding was a celebration of them as well!
We asked our guests that day to pray for us as we embarked on a life together, for us to put Him first, to stay faithful to one another and to raise a godly family! God has been faithful to us and we are so thankful, but all those things that we asked prayer for then are things we still pray for today and we constantly need God's love and mercy!

This is our favorite picture from our wedding! It is of us getting pelted with birdseed as we entered our lovely reception at West Manor.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Deal of the day!!

so i went this evening to meet a freind for dinner at Chick-fil-a with our kiddos. Both of our husbands had worship practice, so we were like "lets grab dinner". So i am in line and ordering ....and to my sweet surprise, 4-piece chicken nugget kids meals are free on Thurs. from 5-8. It made my night and i only have 2 kids. Imagine the savings if you have more kids .... so for this reason alone I think i would like to have five or six kids (just think of the savings!!). it was like 2 gallons of gas....i was pumped! Just wanted to toss that tidbit out there, atleast in the greater Louisville area, on Thurs evenings from 5-8, free kids meals!!!

Eat Moore Chikin!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Congrats Uncle J

A big shout out to 2nd Lieutenant Jeremy Geyer!!!!

Avery, Lerran, and I had the joy of going to Colorado Springs, Co over memorial day to see my whole family and especially to see Jeremy (aka Uncle J) graduate from the Air Force Academy! Sadly Todd had to miss the festivities because of a crazy amount of may/june weddings (he was missed!!!).

All of us Gayer kids after the graduation parade, all of the pomp and circumstance of a military celebration was so much fun to watch! It was awesome to be in a truly patriotic place! I love America!

This was a family picture taken before Jeremy's swearing in ceremony. This was a really special evening, it was just his squadron (about 100 cadets, 30 or so graduating). It was intimate and each graduate was individually sworn in and then had their leuitenant stripes pinned on by their parents! We were all so proud of J!!! After that we put the kiddos to bed and headed out for a family celebration dinner! At which we all gave toasts and had a beautiful time as a family. My dad's words to Jeremy were very moving (as were everybody's) but he just so much encouraged him to go from here and pursue the Lord above all else and be a godly man! a truly great evening!

The graduation ceremony was insane. President Bush was the speaker, which was really neat and he did a great job! The crazy thing was it was raining and 40 degrees (and i only had sun dresses for the girls :O) and we were in lock down by the secret service because of the President. But 4 hours and many bags of starburst and licorice later we made was great! Definately the most memorable moment of the whole time was when Jeremy recieved his diploma, he politely saluted the president, shook his hand and then chest bumped him!!!!! It was awesome!!! He was the first to do it and it was so fun to watch, President Bush was very candid and casual with the was great!!!

Thunderbirds flew overhead right when the graduates were officially announced and they all threw their caps in the air...very fun!

Congrats little bro, I'm so proud of you!!! I love this picture of Jeremy looking back at the academy! He was quite ready to leave those beautiful mountains and move on! He will be attending flight school in Columbus, MS after his leave this summer, in which he has been gallivanting all over Europe!!

We had some other great times while we were there in Colorado, mainly just beautiful sights and great times with family!

Avery and Lerran have the best uncles in the world!!

David and Lerran at Garden of the gods. REALLY gorgeous!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Whate'er My God Ordains is Right

I don't know how often music speaks to my soul...but it happened today! After an amazing message on prayer at church, Fellowship Church Louisville, the band led us in this song of worship. The words are incredible and the lyrics equally so. This is what I want my prayer to be through life! Listen to a short clip on indelible grace's website: Enjoy!

Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right

1. Whate’er my God ordains is right,Holy His will abideth.I will be still whate’er He does,And follow where He guideth.He is my God,Though dark my road.He holds me that I shall not fallWherefore to Him I leave it all
2. Whate’er my God ordains is right,He never will deceive meHe leads me by the proper path,I know He will not leave meI take, content,What He hath sentHis hand can turn my griefs awayAnd patiently I wait His day
3. Whate’er my God ordains is right,Though now this cup in drinkingMay bitter seem to my faint heart,I take it all unshrinkingMy God is true,Each morn anewSweet comfort yet shall fill my heartAnd pain and sorrow shall depart
4. Whate’er my God ordains is right, Here shall my stand be takenThough sorrow, need, or death be mine, Yet I am not forsakenMy Father’s careIs round me thereHe holds me that I shall not fallAnd so to Him I leave it all
©1998 David Braud Music.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

new swing set!!

so, todd and i finally crumbled. we (mainly todd, but i got on board too!) were pretty adamant about not getting a swing set for our little ones, there are several in our neighborhood we could use, it is a big expense and having just moved we don't need to spend the money....etc. however todd surprised me one day by saying he had done some research and found a used one for a killer deal! we were able to get it last week! I am so thankful that we were able to get one, as you can see from the pics avery and lerran are pretty pumped too! We invited a little neighbor boy over the other evening and he jumped around and was so giddy, i hope the new swing set will provide great opportunities to invite moms with kids over and help us get to know and invest in the lives of new neighbors!!

so, if you are ever in the area, stop on over to the pellowe pad for a little swing set fun!! Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

so here we are in the heat of summer and lovin' every minute! We recently took a fun long trip to Michigan for Lerran and her 2 cousins, michael and noah, 1st birthdays! We had a blast and were able to get some time in at the lake! here are some fun pics from that trip! Please take note that lerran is still bald and has very few teeth! She still seems so young to us, maybe it is because of the lack of hair or that she is the second child, but either way we are happy to keep it that way! She is such a sweet child and ablessing from the Lord! Happy 1st Birthday Lerran!

lerran at her party.

the three babies (note how much smaller lerran is!) lerran, micahel, and noah!

lerran alternated between cake, frosting, and lollipop...she loved it. Lets just say it was a late night!

avery on lake michigan

lerran on the her stylin' jacket.

the older set of cousins, they all loved eachother it was so fun to watch them become friends.
caedon, madi, and avery.

todd has this new thing with fishing, who would have thought? it was something fun for him to teach avery and i!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hurray for me!! i'm officially a blogger!

After years of long debate..i've decided to join the blog world...if no one reads, thats okay ...this will provide some sort of creative outlet for this girl whos days are spent with children under three(i love how my days are spent, mind you).

I will try to post occasionally the goings on of our family and what the Lord is doing in our lives, prayer requests, and of course the small joys in life!