Thursday, June 26, 2008

so here we are in the heat of summer and lovin' every minute! We recently took a fun long trip to Michigan for Lerran and her 2 cousins, michael and noah, 1st birthdays! We had a blast and were able to get some time in at the lake! here are some fun pics from that trip! Please take note that lerran is still bald and has very few teeth! She still seems so young to us, maybe it is because of the lack of hair or that she is the second child, but either way we are happy to keep it that way! She is such a sweet child and ablessing from the Lord! Happy 1st Birthday Lerran!

lerran at her party.

the three babies (note how much smaller lerran is!) lerran, micahel, and noah!

lerran alternated between cake, frosting, and lollipop...she loved it. Lets just say it was a late night!

avery on lake michigan

lerran on the her stylin' jacket.

the older set of cousins, they all loved eachother it was so fun to watch them become friends.
caedon, madi, and avery.

todd has this new thing with fishing, who would have thought? it was something fun for him to teach avery and i!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hurray for me!! i'm officially a blogger!

After years of long debate..i've decided to join the blog world...if no one reads, thats okay ...this will provide some sort of creative outlet for this girl whos days are spent with children under three(i love how my days are spent, mind you).

I will try to post occasionally the goings on of our family and what the Lord is doing in our lives, prayer requests, and of course the small joys in life!