Saturday, May 9, 2009

prego update!!!

so here are some maternity shots that todd did! the first set was 27 weeks (when i was still small and only had one chin :O) the second shoot was a fun one downtown, i felt like one of todd's clients...we had a blast. that was at 31 weeks(again, i feel like that was ages and many many pounds and inches ago :o). Enjoy the pictures!!

a little pregnancy update: this has been the healthiest twin pregnancy (besides a bunch of discomfort, gas, backache ect :o), my doctor said "model twin i guess that is good!! i am now almost 36 weeks (i thought i was 36, but i think i was 2 days off on my due date..anyway). There has been no gliches, no hospital visits, no bedrest, nothing....until last night!! Todd of course had a wedding today (saturday). But i definately went into labor last night. We waited here until contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and then went in, hoping to either stop labor or have the babies by 2pm, so todd could work and not miss the birth of our babies! God was so good and gracious!! Though i was in some pretty intense labor, i wasn't progressing really fast, so the doctor gave us the option of trying to stop it, because even though she is confidant the babies would be healthy at this point and we don't have to stop labor, with our schedule and the fact they aren't quite full term (full term twins is 36-38 weeks) we had that option. So all in all we were at the hospital 5 hours, and after one dose of terbutaline, contractions had slowed to a stop and we were ab le to come home!!! yea!!! i don't know if i will make it to my scheduled induction date (May 19th), but we were glad to give them a few more days to grow and todd to be able to work and not miss anything huge! God is good!! so now we wait :o)...can't wait to meet these little guys!

27 weeks

31 weeks

yes we used a tripod, not todd's favorite thing to do...but hey atleast we got a couple shot!

my few minutes of feeling like a runway model (a very large runway model!!).

where has time gone???

So... a little blog love coming atcha! It has been forever, i'm not sure why...busy busy and i don't know just not into computer writing i suppose!!
little updates:

~todd had a really awesome slower season through the winter/early spring, we had tons of family time and "normal saturdays", which was awesome!

~we survived the "louisville ice storm" , lost power for 5 days, got to 30 degrees in our house (we has great friends who let us stay with them, we were totally fine!)

~got to play in the snow several times

~we all got pretty tired of cold temperatures and winter weather (i guess especially me...the girls were great, but a little stir crazy!).

~I learned to take it easy a little bit (not work out, due to back pain during pregnancy, enjoy whole days at home...usually i'm always running, workng with the girls to share and play together ect.!!).

~lerran started talking a lot! She went from, "wow we think she is a little slow", to saying whatever she wants. the most amazing thing is that i know she understands everything! Which is awesome, but also has made us up our game in terms of discipline and staying on bad behaviors! overall though, she remains: fun, easy going, pretty independent, definately adventurous, and totally sweet!

~avery continues to LOVE preschool(2 mornings a week) and is super social. she loves to report what all her friends(in neighborhood, school, church, small group) are doing and she really loves people. She definately has her moments and is still and emotional roller coaster, as well as has grown a bossy bone for sure. What i love though is how she can totally make someones day, either from a smile, giggle, or a proclamation like "oh Ashley you are my favorite girl!" This could happen for any number of reasons: you having us to your house, having your toenails painted, wearing the color orange, giving avery somthing, having skittles at your house, showing her somthing new, or just being totally cool in her is quite comical!

~i had a really fun 2 day visit to see jamie farrell in march and her growing brood (sweet little jolie was 1 month old) todd kept our girls and that was an awesome get away!

~we had great visits from both sets of nanas and papas!

~lots of really fun Easter activities, including many egg hunts

~we discovered waterfront park and the adventure playground downtown louisville...the girls and i then frequented the place atleast once a week in early spring!

~babies growing in my tummy, continued to do well all winter/spring. a little small early on, but then really caught up and as of this past week the baby boy was getting down right big @ 5lbs 12oz at 35ish weeks.

~i remained completely healthy, no bedrest or crazy pregnancy symptons (other than getting really large and having 20 toes and 20 fingers growing inside me!)

~we are soo happy for warmer weather and the ability to play outside! avery is riding her bike a ton, and lerran loves to push strollers, ride on toys and swing!

~todd's busy season is now in high gear. However the Lord has been so gracious about the timing of everything and the fact that todd is pretty caught up and doesn't have really long weddings from now untill when the babies should come!
so i know that was long and random, i will post things more specifically in the next week or so!

sorry, i know that was random and long :o)

a few fun pics of the fam!

family zoo trip

making cookies (and a big 'ole mess!)

my birthday cake and my girls!! todd threw me a great surprise party and even baked a cake...what a guy!! i love fun family times like this!

todd's birthday :o)

having fun...fooling around!! they definately get at eachother, but so often they just play well and really love on eachother!! lerran's first words when she wakes up are, "eres avri?". somtimes avery will go into "get lerran" from her nap or in the morning and they will giggle and have the greatest time for like 30 minutes! avery is definately into ready lerran stories and pretending with her, and of course bossing her around :o)

cute kids, nuff said!