Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where O Where did my baby go???

It is so funny how time changes things. When avery was turning one, I was eager for her to walk and grow up and be a big girl. And now with sadness in my tone, I have to announce that my sweet little baby Lerran is growing. Though not walking yet and not talking to much, she is getting big. She is learning to pretend, read books, and sadly yes talk on the phone! Her lack of hair still keeps her looking young, but is on the upward climb. Speaking of climbing, that is her favorite thing to do she'll climb anything, stairs, slides, rock walls, you! She is a delight for now is still my little baby!!

When you sit down to read books with her, she wants no part in it unless she can hold the book and do all the pointing!

Pretty excited about her new skills with the push toys!

Guilty face, I just stole this phone from my sister :O).