Monday, January 19, 2009


Yea for snow!!! We have had some wicked cold weather here as of late, so it was fun to finally get a little snow to go along with it!! Todd has been gone for the day, so i wasn't sure about taking the girls out by myself (a lot of times new things include a little drama!). But, i wasn't pleasantly surprised! They loved it! This was quite a relief, especially considering our experience in the snow with Avery last year. Which basically included a few good pictures of me holding her after 15 minutes of screaming that she was falling through the snow. So as you might understand i was pleasantly surprised! Lerran continues to adapt to new situations well and is quite adventerous!!

We even built 2 little snowmen and snow angels!! i love snow!

Yippee!! 2 healthy babies, 1 boy, 1 girl!!

So, again, thanks for all of your support! We are thrilled about these two little bambinos! We have been surprised on the gender of our children thus far, however with the sheer multitude of babies coming at once this time, we decided to throw tradition down the drain and find out their gender! I'm so glad we did! It was a sweet time with Todd, when we saw our little guy's "parts" and saw that we are having another precious girl!! Todd's face was priceless, when the Ultrasound tech said, "Baby A is a boy!". Very fun!! We both really thought it was two girls, so this was a fun surprise! We had decided to name 2 girls, Whoopsie and Daisy. I guess we'll have to come up with somthing else now!!

sweet little girl. i loved this profile shot!

both baby's bellies

best picture to actually see two babies.

speaks for itself, i think!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

okay, so this is a straight copy from todd's was just so funny, i had to post it as well! love to have your vote, on what our babies will be. It is so weird finding out, i love surprises, so we are trying to make this fun!!

As you may know, Emily and I are expecting twins. We've decided that we want to find out what gender(s) the babies will be so we have a little time to prepare for the madness. We'll be finding out next week. Before we do, I wanted to set up a little poll to see how prophetic y'all are.

Those of you who like to know all the facts, you may find this information helpful before you guess.
- We think they are fraternal and not identical, based on the doctor's opinion.
- I have two older sisters and one younger brother. Coincidence?
- Emily has four brothers and no sisters. Perhaps God is giving her the sisters she always wanted in the form of... daughters?
- We chose not to find out with Avery and Lerran. In both cases, we had girls.
- When Lerran was born, my good friend Jeff (who has 3 girls) said "God has decided. There's already enough man in the Pellowe house."
this is a link to todd's blog, where you can vote (and check out his amazing work!).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas in Kentucky

We had the joy of hosting Christmas this year with my whole Gayer family!! All four brothers came, one sis-in-law, 2 parents, and one sweet nephew. In the words of my husband, "we had a rockin' good time!!". Our festivities included, rook games, ping pong tournaments, 1st annual Gayer talent show, traditional cinnamon roll Christmas breakfast, advent candles, lots of PS3 and movies on the big screen, Ben learning how to ride his new rip stick (and other family members trying as well, i was very nervous for people's hips), sushi dinner that Ben & kristen made, great conversation, eggnog, lots of fun with Sampson (B& K's mini dauchsand), a lot of presents, a good bit of drama from our sweet girls, and well lots of other fun times!!

It was a good are some pics

avery and her sweet cousin Evan! He is a great little guy and looks just like his mommy and daddy....way to represent the red heads, Evan!

avery and lerran's "cooker hat" they recieved a new kitchen and have had a ball with it!

Daddy's labor of love. He spent many an hour putting together this kitchen...they love it!

the three cousins...pretty good shot, avery is definately the "little mama".

lerran opening a fun piano/song player. I think we should buy stock in V-tech. We defnately have kept them in business this Christmas!

Avery had fun with a piano from Jeremy.

This is an awesome vintage tractor and wagon that my dad made for Ben when he was a baby and all of us kids played with it. They gave it to Evan this Christmas...look at his huge grin!

stockings are always a ton of fun!

Todd, David, and Stephen with Todd's new Detroit Tigers blanket (from David, and lovingly stitched by mom!).

Avery loves games!!! go fish with the boys!

avery in her nurse's costume from Aunt Melissa and Uncle James in NC!

Christmas cookie fun!

cooking with Nana.

hope you all had a blessed and merry Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ!