Friday, November 14, 2008

Yea for Fall!

We love fall around here! It has been an exceptional one at that! Lots of mild days that amidst it getting dark right after lunch(at least thats how it feels :o) we have been able to be outside enjoying the weather. I am a little nervous for Winter. Since we moved into this new neighborhood it has been warm out and every evening we are home we are out and socializing (which I love). So...not sure what we will do when it is cold and dark, but I'm sure it will all work out.

So sorry to the blog world that I left a huge gap between this post and the last, I would like to offer several excuses like: painting the basement, moving things to the basement, todd getting anew computer...ect. However I know none are all that good! So I'm back, like it or not!

We had a blast carving and painting punkins (a shout out to Jaimie Farrel from the 'Punkin' capitol of the world!"). As well as watching the leaves change this fall. We have attempted to rake leaves and jump in the piles, but my kiddos are a little skiddish of new activities, so we mainly just thank God for the pretty leaves :o).

Some pics Todd recently took of the girls.

I guess I can take credit for this one :O).