Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who said having girls isn't fun??

Amidst a rather tough week with behavior (namely rough behavior from our eldest :o), and lots of drama that comes with having two highly emotional little Eve's it is fun to take time to enjoy the tea! I found the girls in their room this morning both sitting and having a tea party, it was quite cute. Though I am occasionally exhausted by how complicated girls are even at a young age (i know Todd, i do feel sorry for you :O), and am wishing for balls and trucks and the simplicity of boys, my sweet girls sure bring a lot of smiles and joy! This week has been behavior bootcamp after a week long birthday celebration with family and friends and way to many cupcakes. God is faithful and we have seen some progress, it just is hard to be consistent all the time. I'm sure all you parents out there can say amen to that! Just wanted to pass along these little joys in my life today! God bless!

Tea for two!

Strollers and baby dolls all around!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Bum

Litterally! We have had a blast of a week this past week! Thanks to hurricane Ike, we were without power for 5 days, though I can honestly say it was fun! Lots of hanging out with neighbors and being outside and working around the house/yard! We also did a lot of celebrating of Avery's birthday! We had visits from both sets of Nanas and Papas, which was awesome, as well as a super fun birthday party! Our sweet little girl is growing up! I keep hearing the 3s are worse than the 2s, if that is the case, well "Lord, help!" Though I do pray that everyday anyway!! More pics to come of avery's birthday ect.! I couldn't resist this picture of a different side of the birthday girl!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun visits from Jeremy

We have had the pleasure of several visits from Uncle J this summer as he has been in between school, traveling, 1st station, and avoiding hurricanes. It has been a blast. We all pitched in and got him a good digital camera for graduation and well, he put it to good use!

Jeremy downloaded a coloring game on his iphone. needless to say avery loved it.


Jeremy didn't see much of his phone. On the next visit(just this week) avery remembered right away and wanted his phone, and she is always asking to see daddy's iphone to color on it. Todd made the wise choice of not installing that game :o)

some backyard fun!

Jeremy trying to teach avery to play football...she just ran away with it!

Baby Lerran's turn!

Hot air balloons in the sky! We love any and all visitors! So please come from far and wide!! I'll post you on my blog :o)