Saturday, January 10, 2009

okay, so this is a straight copy from todd's was just so funny, i had to post it as well! love to have your vote, on what our babies will be. It is so weird finding out, i love surprises, so we are trying to make this fun!!

As you may know, Emily and I are expecting twins. We've decided that we want to find out what gender(s) the babies will be so we have a little time to prepare for the madness. We'll be finding out next week. Before we do, I wanted to set up a little poll to see how prophetic y'all are.

Those of you who like to know all the facts, you may find this information helpful before you guess.
- We think they are fraternal and not identical, based on the doctor's opinion.
- I have two older sisters and one younger brother. Coincidence?
- Emily has four brothers and no sisters. Perhaps God is giving her the sisters she always wanted in the form of... daughters?
- We chose not to find out with Avery and Lerran. In both cases, we had girls.
- When Lerran was born, my good friend Jeff (who has 3 girls) said "God has decided. There's already enough man in the Pellowe house."
this is a link to todd's blog, where you can vote (and check out his amazing work!).

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Jennifer said...

how much fun! ive gotta say 2 girls... it just seems right. :-) of course, i think todd would make a great daddy to a little boy. cant wait to hear the results!! praying for two healthy babies!